In real world applications all materials and products are subjected to a wide variety of vibrating or oscillating forces. Fatigue testing consists of applying a cyclic load to a test specimen or the component to determine in-service performance during situations similar to real world working conditions.

Advanced Scientific and Engineering Services (AdvanSES) specializes in Fatigue Testing of Automotive Components including hoses, engine mounts, vibration isolators, silent bushes etc. Fatigue testing can be carried out in stress & force control, strain control or displacement control. The deformation modes under which fatigue tests are generally carried out are tension – tension, compression – compression, tension – compression and compression – tension.

Expert Fatigue Testing of Rubber, Elastomers, Polymers, Composites. Work with a true partner who understands your applications, creates the right testing setup, and adds value at every step of your material and product development cycle. AdvanSES has experience with metal, non-metals, polymers and rubbers and is a leading supplier to OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers worldwide.