Keywords: Dental Implant FEA, Dental Implant, Implant Analysis, Abaqus, Ansys


A dental implant development and manufacturing organization is interested in carrying out FEA on a implant design.The implant will be made from a polymeric composite material. The implant is of screwable design. The dental implant is thus screwed on the abutment. The goal of the analysis was accurate simulation of various deformation modes.


Analysis was carried out by first simulating the pre-compression and then application of a uniform pressure on the top area in the second step.

The physics involved in the simulation are complex and can be summarized as follows:

  1. Non-linear material property of the composite material had to be included.
  2. Large expansion deformation along with multi-step analysis procedure had to be carried out.
Figure 1: FEA Model and Stress Distribution in the Implant

Results and Discussion:

The FEA model and the deformation plots are shown in the Figure 1. The dental implant was modeled in Abaqus using 3-dimensional continuum elements. High stresses were noted at the different locations in the design. The stress values were studied and alternate materials were suggested to keep the stress under the endurance limits of the material.


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