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Strain gage testing is an important part of the testing relating to experimental stress analysis, field-service testing and failure analysis. Strain gage testing provides a means to measure strain and estimate load on machines and components. Accelerometers can be used to estimate vibration characteristics of components and systems. Strain gauge tests provide important information for finite element model verification and validation. Strain gauging is an important tool for failure investigations. AdvanSES offers comprehensive strain gauge testing using industry leading tools for data acquisition and analysis.

 We also offer in-situ services for vibration and strain measurements. Our engineer will travel to your location to provide the services.

 AdvanSES has  experience with strain gauge and vibration testing of a wide range of mechanical components and systems including steam shafts, motors and load bearing components. Our recent strain measurement applications include bumpers  and bearingapplications

 We use stain gauge testing and Finite element analysis to characterize all important aspects  of a product testing and analysis project. With our wide experience and background in these fields we are able to quickly and very efficiently offer solutions and make recommendations.